I was introduced to Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus products recently I can honestly tell you that I noticed immediate relief--I use Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus on my back after workouts and it really helps relax my shoulder after a tiring day of practice. Looking forward to continue using the product which I know will help me remain at the top of my game. Thanks Battle Creek Equipment!
Anthony Fernandez, Seattle Mariners Pitcher

When my back goes out I love my Thermophore heat pack.
John, NY

My Thermophore heating pad came today. I just got up from my first session, lying on my front with this thing on my back. Ahhhhh. I'm recovering from surgery for the next few weeks and I see myself spending a lot of time with this. I've been using the heating pad I got from my parents years ago. (I think it was built in the late 17th century.) You all have come up with a really effective product. The old one is going in the trash. You have a great product here. I may just have to try your ice packs one of these days. Thanks for the fast shipping, too.
Ron, Blue Skies

I have had this heating pad for 29 years. It is the most unbelievable heating pad I have ever had. The Electrical cord is starting to wear out hence I will have to buy a brand new one. Definitely the best one on the market.
Kathy W

My back was sore for 3 weeks and 3 days after I started using my new Ice It!, it was totally back to normal!
Jeremy C, Montreal NY

The Christmas of 1985, my mother-in-law gave us a 14" x 27" Thermophore. It saw much use in our family of six, soothing sore muscles, easing menstrual cramps, helping to calm back spasms, and comforting us during illness. It lasted for 28 1/2 years, and was still stored in the original box. A few months ago, it began to give off something of an electrical smell, and we became concerned and decided it need to be retired. We have just replaced it with another of your 14" x 27" Thermophores. I'd enjoy knowing if that is considered a long life---or perhaps you know of other Thermophores which have lasted longer. Regardless, it was a great product and we hope the new Thermophore lasts equally as long.

I have used your moist heating pad for my back for many years and have bought a couple for friends . They really help and you can not buy one in the store that works like this moist heat does. I just bought one for my daughter.
Marlene Williams

Thermophore will bring happy, soothing nights. The wonders of the moist heating pad called Thermophore bear repeating. I've talked about this before but I think it bears repeating.There's a moist heating pad called a Thermophore that you can get in some drug stores or medical supply places. You put it on top of your mattress, under the mattress pad and sheet and you'll be very happy.It stays on for a certain amount of time and then it shuts itself off. By pressing a button you can start it up again.I don't know how I came to know about this but I'm so glad I did and if you get one I believe you will be very happy to have it too nydailynews.com
Charles Grodin

My shoulder had been hurting for over a week. When I received my Thermophore moist heat heating pad and used it. The relief was almost immediate. Now that I have this wonderful product I'm sure any muscle discomfort I have in the future will also be taken care of in the same way. The moist heat is amazing.
Dave R, Colorado

I constantly struggle with trying to stay warm in bed at night. A friend told me about the Thermophore Bed Warmers and I purchased one. I can not tell you how much of a difference this has made for me. Now I look forward to a bed that is comfortably warm each and every night. Thank you Thermophore!
Ellen M, New Jersey

I play a lot of sports on the weekends and nights. There are times, after we are done playing, that my knees ache for quite some time after the games. I purchased an Ice It cold comfort knee pack and the relief it brought me allowed me to continue playing. It's nice to know that you can rely on a product that lives up to its promise of delivering relief.
Todd H, Maryland

After my accident my Dr. wanted me to go to physical therapy, but the pain was awful. I knew I needed to get moving and do something physical. One of the therapists recommended a Pedlar exercise machine. It's small, lightweight, portable and I can use it in my home at my convenience. After using the machine for over 3 months I am getting good reports from my therapist. My muscles are being worked and my legs are getting stronger. I would recommend the Pedlar to anyone who needs to exercise but has trouble moving around.
Irene New Mexico

I'm happy that I have a product like my Thermophore heating pad. After the winter we just went through I would have been lost without it. This heating pad sure did the trick to relieve the ache of tired and strained muscles from shoveling the snow. Thank you Thermophore for having such a reliable product.
Jim S, Hartford Ct.

Your Good 2 Go products provide me with the relief I need, even in the office. Not having to worry about an electric cord makes this the perfect heating product for me. When I’m experiencing sore or overworked muscles I simply put the pack into the microwave for a few minutes and the product is ready to supply me with soothing moist heat.
Mark W, Tn.

When my arthritis flairs up I know I can count on my Thermophore Moist Heat pad to provide me with the relief I'm looking for. Knowing that if I fall asleep while the pad is on I have the peace of mind that the automatic timer will shut the heating pad off after 25 minutes. Thank You Thermophore!
Brenda W, Camp Hill Pa.

After just getting back into an exercise routine I experience sore and overworked muscles all the time. My Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack gives me the relief I need so that I can keep on track with slimming down. Thanks Thermophore for providing such a great product.
Bill R, Del.

Everyone who runs and works their way up to taking on a marathon event experiences sore, tired muscles. When I finish my workout and need to relieve the aches and pains of pushing my body past its comfort zone I reach for my Ice It Cold Comfort Pack. It immediately supplies cold therapy right where I need it. And because of the way it’s designed, it re-freezes in minutes so that I can use it again and again.
Vanessa W, Maryland.

I think your Pedlar product is great! I’ve gone through some physical therapy after I had an accident and was told by a friend about your product. I purchased it and use it to help improve the mobility for my arms. It really has made a difference. Before I was limited in the amount of repetitions I could do each day but I have worked up to doing 20 mins at each session.
Barbara N, CO.

I’ve suffered a long time with Raynaud’s disease and came across your product the Good to Go Mitten. This is the one product I have found that has been able to provide me with relief for my hands. The best thing about this glove is that the micro wave pack molds to my hands. Thank you for providing such a great product.
Jessica W, Richmond Va.

I’m used to taking care of my own yard work around our house but, with getting older I have to admit my body lets me know it’s getting harder to do everything that needs to get done. I found that by applying a Thermophore Large Moist Heating pack my soreness and muscle strains seem to fade away. I’m happy that I have a product like my Thermophore at hand to give me the relief I need when my chores are done.