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Benefits of Moist Heat

Moist heat therapy is one of the simplest, safest and effective “Self Care” technique for treating injuries, pain or discomfort in muscles and joints. Moist heat can be used to relieve stiffness, improve circulation and bring relief to muscle pain and overall soreness. Heating the affected area, increases the temperature of the tissues and blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. Blood vessels open up and increase in size, thus promoting improved blood flow and circulation, thus allowing them to aid in delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the damaged area. When tissues and muscles undergo moist heat therapy, they loosen and become more elastic. This allows the collagen in the tissues to become more flexible as they are warmed up. This is another reason why heat therapy can be helpful in dealing with muscle cramps and spasms.

Questions are often asked how long should I use “Moist Heat” therapy? Our Thermophore products are manufactured to sustain an optimum level of moist heat to your troubled area. Doctors and physical therapists know that the intense, penetrating moist heat of our Thermophore® brand products is a convenient and effective way to give patients hours of soothing relief. Having a Thermophore® of your own, to use at the first sign of pain, muscle spasm or stiffness, can often let you treat a minor problem before it has a chance to worsen and require professional attention. Most doctors and physical therapists, recommend using moist heat in increments of 20 minutes at a time. In order to make regulating heat therapy easy, our Thermophore MaxHEAT™ Therapy Pack is designed to be hands-free with a user-friendly on/off switch with a "Pause" feature and built-in timer. Just press "On" for heat, "Pause" to cool and alternate as often as you like. If you happen to doze off or are interrupted and forget the unit is on, the 20-minute timer will shut the unit off for your protection. It takes the worry out of possibly using the product too long.

Moisture helps the intense heat penetrate even more deeply – relieving pain, relaxing muscle spasm and increasing rejuvenating circulation. Our unique design takes moisture from the atmosphere, with no need for you to add any water. However both the Classic Plus™ and MaxHEAT Plus™ styles have a protective liner that lets you safely add a damp cloth for even more moisture, if you live in a dryer climate, such as Arizona or New Mexico and Southern California, this additional moisture will be sufficient to deliver the moist heat to your affected areas.

Moist heat is a kind of heat therapy that does not damage the tissues. It actually replenishes moisture in your body. Physical Therapists often use moist heat with their patients that have sports injuries. Many people that suffer from chronic pain benefit greatly from applications of moist heat, especially those diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Gout, Headaches/Migraines, Degenerative Disc Disease plus many, many others. There are several other significant benefits of moist heat therapy over any other that make it so appealing. Compared to most therapies, it is quite inexpensive. We have several models of Thermophore products, designed to target specific areas of your body so you can deliver the moist heat right where you need it.

For many people, moist heat therapy works best when combined with other treatment modalities, such as physical therapy and exercise. Relative to most medical treatments available, moist heat therapy is appealing to many people. Because of it being a non-invasive and a non-pharmaceutical form of alternative treatment, which today, more and more people are getting into, it is gaining more popularity. Check out all the products available from our Moist Heat section from Thermophore.com