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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Heat therapy and cold therapy have been around pretty much since heat and cold have existed. Hippocrates was one of the first physicians to use heat therapy, and that was around 400B.C. Now, heat therapy and cold therapy are enjoying a comeback as an excellent way to reduce the severity of chronic pain. Though it is usually a very simple form of treatment, heat therapy is actually quite ingenious in the way that it relieves pain and muscle stiffness. When applied to sore areas of the body, heat helps to dilate your blood vessels. This encourages blood to rush to the affected area, flushing out toxins and other wastes. This blood also brings oxygen to the site, which helps to repair soft tissue, encourage muscle tone, and relax muscles contractions. Heat therapy and cold therapy can also lessen the severity of pain symptoms, though it is not completely understood why. It is thought that heat or cold may help to numb the nerve endings inside your body, thereby decreasing your sensations of pain. Medical professionals have learned that many problems can respond well to either hot or cold therapy, and their experience has been that one or the other may work better under certain conditions. Often, it is most effective to alternate hot and cold therapy to stimulate circulation, relieve pain and relax muscle spasm. You can certainly experiment with both heat therapy and cold therapy on your own, and thus self-treat minor problems. If home treatment is not effective, however, your doctor or physical therapist has the experience and training to understand your body and the problems you are having, and will be your best source of advice. Whether your chronic pain is due to a disease such as arthritis, the result of an injury or degenerative condition, our Thermophore products can provide you with professional-quality hot or cold therapy products to use in your own home, as an important part of your pain-management efforts. This non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive addition often provides the extra comfort that is crucial to someone living with unremitting pain. In addition, this is a pain-management option you can control - available at a moment's notice, to be used as often as necessary. The Thermophore® Deep-Heat™ therapy system has long been known as a convenient, effective method of providing penetrating moist heat to help relieve all types of pain and stiffness. It reaches much higher temperatures than ordinary heating pads, and is even classified as a medical device by the FDA. There is no need to add any water to the unit atmospheric moisture is captured by the special flannel cover and released when the intense heat is activated. In situations where the atmosphere is exceptionally dry because of an arid climate or heavy use of indoor air conditioning or heating systems, our new Plus models with the MoisturePlus cover allows the safe addition of a damp cloth for even more moisture. Because of the higher levels of heat needed to be truly effective, the Classic units are provided with a special safety switch that lets users constantly control the level of heat, and will shut off the heat if they become drowsy or inattentive. The Thermophore MaxHEAT Pad provides all the intense moist heat you have come to expect from the original Thermophore®, with the added convenience of a hands-free on/off switch. Just press the button and relax, while the MaxHEAT pad quickly begins to penetrate sore, stiff joints and relax muscle spasms. When the heat reaches your individual comfort level, just press the Off button to let the unit cool a bit. This cycle of heating and cooling will help to increase circulation, relax muscles and relieve pain and stiffness. The switch also has a built-in 20-minute timer, to shut the MaxHEAT Pad off if you happen to fall asleep or are interrupted during your therapy session. If you often have problems with cold feet, Restless Leg Syndrome, or wake with painful, achy feet and legs, the Thermophore Bed Warmers may be the answer to your problems. Diabetes, Peripheral Artery Disease, arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, Reynaud’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many other problems can benefit from the soothing warmth of a Thermophore BedWarmer™. The BedWarmer provides a safe, easy way to keep feet and legs warm during the night without the need to heat up the entire bed or raise the thermostat setting in your home. Placed under the bottom sheet, the gentle heat rises to give you cozy warmth right where you need it, for just pennies a day. Sleep more soundly to wake rested and rejuvenated in the morning. Our Ice It!® ColdCOMFORT therapy systems were designed to complement the moist heat therapy provided by the Thermophore® therapy line. It provides the same safe, convenient, effective therapy you have come to expect from the Battle Creek Equipment Company. The soft foam-lined fabric pouches hold reusable, non-toxic cold packs that stay pliable even fully frozen and are ready for use in just 20 minutes. Wide elastic bands with Velcro® closures allow unlimited positioning with no need to hold the cold pack in place. Available in a variety of styles to suit a variety of needs.

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