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Medical References

Thermophore.com, a subsidiary of the Battle Creek Equipment Company, has compiled a list of medical and health related articles relating to the heat and cold products that are promoted on the Thermophore.com web-store.

Thermophore in no way endorses the statements or claims made by these on-line professionals. We are only trying to provide an overview of the cause and effects of injuries, strained or overworked muscles and or joints that can cause an individual discomfort in going about their daily routines.

Medical Recommendations on Hot and Cold Therapy

Should you use hot or cold for pain

The Surprising Way You Should Be Exercising If You Have Arthritis

Hands On: Tips for Dealing With Your Arthritis Hand Pain

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Heat therapy is good but,,,,,,Why Can't You Leave a Heating Pad on a Sore Muscle?

Have Hand Pain

Fast Facts About Sports Injuries

Be informed about the different types of injuries that can cause knee pain.

What to Do When Arthritis Won't Let You Sleep

Back-pain and Arthritis costs more than $14 billion!

What to Do When Arthritis Won't Let You Sleep

Benefits of Heat Therapy for Lower Back Pain

How To Apply Heat Therapy

Use Heat or Ice to Relieve Low Back Pain

Heat Therapy To The Rescue