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TMJ disorder (or TMD) occurs when the muscles surrounding the temporomandibular joint do not work together correctly. Although accidents or diseases such as arthritis may result in other kinds of TMJ problems, factors relating to the teeth and bite are the most common causes of TMJ disorders. Oral habits such as grinding or clenching the teeth can also tire muscles and cause them to spasm. These spasms cause pain, which in turn causes more spasms - a cycle which can result in tissue damage, pain, and muscle tenderness - TMJ disorder. According to Dr. Steven R. Pohlhaus, "Moist heat is very helpful for the sore muscles of TMD. Moist heat promotes blood flow into the muscle which aids in healing and relaxation of the muscle as well. This increased blood flow also helps analgesic and/or anti- inflammatory medications into the muscles." Cold therapy may also help, depending on your personal preference. In much the same way that heat helps your body to heal itself, cold therapy can reduce inflammation, relax muscle spasm and relieve pain. In either case, Battle Creek® has your answer! Thermophore® Deep-Heat therapy provides the intense moist heat that doctors recommend for pain relief, and Ice It!® ColdCOMFORT therapy systems make it convenient to apply cold therapy, because you don't have to hold anything in place. Our Petite Thermophore® unit is designed specifically for moist heat treatment of the neck, sinus or jaw area, with a Velcro® strap to keep the heat in direct contact with painful areas for the maximum therapeutic benefit. The Model 510 ice it!® Wrap is the companion design, a 4" x 10" cold therapy wrap with Velcro® strap to hold it securely in position.

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