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Who Needs a Thermophore

In all seriousness, though, a Thermophore® is something every household needs at one time or another. Whether you want to ease the pain of your daughter's monthly cramps, loosen up after your first try at home remodeling, or you just wake up one morning with a stiff neck - your Thermophore® will be ready to provide comfort and relief. The intense moist heat provided by either the original Thermophore Classic™system with the hand-held switch or the Hands-Free Thermophore MaxHEAT™ pad is a professional-quality heat therapy you can use in your own home, any time you like, to make yourself more comfortable. While the Thermophore® is designed to provide deep-penetrating heat to treat the really tough, chronic pain of arthritis, fibromyalgia, back or neck pain - there's nothing wrong with using it to relieve all those nagging "little" aches and pains, too. Everyone deserves to be comfortable, and that's what Thermophore.com is all about! As we age, we begin to realize that we truly should have taken better care of ourselves when we were younger. If we had just paid more attention to some of the "little" aches and pains when they were a minor annoyance, they might not have come back a few years later to haunt us! With a variety of Thermophore® products available, you can easily follow up with home treatments to be sure that any area damaged by injury, disease or surgery gets the increased circulation it needs for faster, more complete healing. For older family members, the ability to remain mobile and independent is primary. We often hear from customers who feel that using their Thermophore® is critical in maintaining their lifestyle. It helps to loosen stiff arthritic joints and keeps them more flexible, allowing them to get up and moving every day, as well as relaxing them enough to provide a good night's sleep for rejuvenation. Why wait until you or someone you care about is already in pain? Get a Thermophore® today, or give them as gifts. We've heard this time and again, and we know you'll hear it too... "I'm so glad I have a Thermophore®!"

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