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Who Needs an Iceit??

The real question is "Who doesn't need an Ice It!®?" From treating kid's bee stings or playground scrapes, to minor kitchen burns, athletic injuries, post-dental or surgical care, reducing swelling and inflammation, relieving arthritis pain - cold therapy is useful for the entire family. It's easy to store the entire Ice It!® Deluxe Cold Therapy System in your freezer. Just put the Ice It!® cold pack inside the soft fabric pouch and wrap the wide elastic and Velcro® strap around the outside. I tuck mine inside a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer door. When one of life's little emergencies pop up, it's ready to go. Often, you can lessen the severity of the injury by treating it immediately with cold therapy, since cold reduces circulation and limits internal bleeding at the injury site to reduce tissue damage. These days, most surgical patients are sent home after a relatively short time - often the day of surgery - with instructions to apply cold therapy. Ice It!® is the perfect solution to any cold therapy need. The flexible cold pack gently conforms to tender areas, while the soft fabric pouch insulates skin and protects against any condensation forming. The wide elastic strap has Velcro® on both ends, so you can position it any way you like and make it as snug as is comfortable. No need to hold anything in place, no dripping, nothing slipping around - just cool relaxation! Medical professionals have also learned that alternating moist heat therapy with cold therapy can help reduce many types of chronic pain. Alternating heat therapy and cold therapy seems to work especially well to stimulate circulation, relieve pain and relax muscle spasm for arthritis, back pain or neck pain. Whether your chronic pain is due to a disease such as arthritis, is the result of an injury or degenerative condition, our Ice It!® Cold Therapy Systems can provide you with professional-quality cold therapy products to use in your own home, as an important part of your pain-management efforts. We provide non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive methods to bring the extra comfort that is crucial to someone living with unremitting pain. In addition, this is a pain-management option you can control - available at a moment's notice, to be used as often as necessary. Everyone needs an Ice It!® (or two) in their freezer!

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