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Ice It! Pump Cold & Compression Therapy Wrap
Person shown wearing a shoulder wrap with a hose and hand pump , Ice it pump  battle creek
 Person shown wearing a hip wrap with an air hose and pump   Battle Creek  Ice it Pump
a picture of foot with a battle creek ice it pump with air hose and hand pump
Photo of a knee wearing a battle creek ice it pump with air hose and hand pump

Ice It! Pump Cold & Compression Therapy Wrap

$ 61.99 $ 69.99

Ice It! PUMP Cold & Compression Therapy Wrap for Knees, Shoulder, Hip and Feet - Air Pump for Pain Relief, Long-Lasting, Reusable Gel Pack for Pain Relief and Recovery following Surgery or Injury!


Enjoy effective pain relief with the Ice It! ® Pump ™ Cold compression wrap! The one size fits all wrap can easily be worn on either shoulder. The press-and-stick straps allow you to adjust the wrap to fit your specific needs. Enjoy easy use with the large bulb, allowing you to customize the most comfortable compression for your treatment. The handy pump gives you the compression needed when following the doctor recommended R.I.C.E protocol. Once inflated, you can enjoy consistent cryotherapy thanks to our unique gel formulation. Don’t let pain slow you down, get relief when you want, where you want.


  • FOCUSED & EFFECTIVE COLD THERAPY from THE ORIGINAL DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF COMPANY…HOT & COLD THERAPY PRODUCTS SINCE 1931!: Battle Creek has been providing great pain management products for over 90 years. The Ice It! Pump line provides the best cold therapy available, but should never be used with heat (combining heat and compression can easily result in burns by pressing hot gel packs against your skin).

  • COLD & CUSTOMIZABLE COMPRESSION COMBINE FOR FASTER RELIEF: Adding compression with cold enhances the effect of cold therapy leading to more effective pain relief and faster recovery. Quickly attach the chilled gel pack, put the wrap on and use the convenient hand pump to inflate the built-in air bladder pushing the cold gel pack snuggly against your hip. The air pump provides you with consistent compression even while moving around making this truly convenient cold therapy.
  • CONTOURED & COMFORTABLE FIT ON EITHER HIP/SHOULDER/FOOT/KNEE: Carefully designed for targeted compression to the entire area. Perfect the fit with the handy press-to-stay straps, allowing you to comfortably move around during use. Use the pump to customize the pressure to fit your needs and to press the cold to the painful/injured area for maximum pain relief.
  • LONG-LASTING COLD AND UNIQUE FEATURES: The gel formulation stays cold longer than other gel packs and remains flexible when frozen. Gel packs have double-sealed seams, and are leakproof, reusable, and latex-free. A larger hand-held bulb pump makes it easier than other wraps to compress and can be detached if desired during use. The nylon, storage bag can be used for the gel pack in the freezer or to store/carry the wrap.
  • FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED: BattleCreek Equipment is a third-generation family-owned and operated company that has been in business for over 90 years. They are all about providing durable, premium solutions to managing your pain. They back their products up with a one-year warranty so you can buy with confidence. Don’t settle for living with pain. Get the best, buy Battle Creek!