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Good2Go Microwave Heat Pack - Large (Model 490)
photo of box containing a battle creek good 2 go large moist heat wrap
wrap opened inside out with strap
Person wearing a large black wrap around the lower back
person wearing a large black wrap on the lower back
sideview of a person wearing a large black wrap on the lower back
Good2Go 490 Microwave Moist Heat Pack Large Area 12 x 16 mpn 490

Good2Go Microwave Heat Pack - Large (Model 490)

$ 45.49 $ 58.99
Good2Go Microwave Moist Heat Therapy products feature a plush, multi-ply cover, designed to focus heat toward the body and provide a snug, secure fit. This “unplugged” version of moist heat therapy offers the maximum in portability and convenience. The patented non-allergenic crystal fill does not leak, smell or encourage the growth of fungus, and the porous surface traps up to 40% of it's weight in atmospheric moisture for reliable moist heat therapy.

    About this item

    Natural, moist heat works in three ways

    • Blocks pain signals to your brain
    • Relaxes muscle tissue to relieve cramps or spasms.
    • Increase circulation to enhance the healing power of your own body.


    • The outer multi-ply fabric includes a vapor barrier to direct maximum moist heat where you need it most.
    • Wide elastic and velcro strap holds the heat therapy snug and secures against your skin with gentle compression. Holds pack in place while you continue regular activities.
    • Cloud-soft fleece pile cover gently pillows painful tissues in soothing comfort.
    • Patented non-allergenic crystal fill absorbs abundant moisture from the air, and will not develop odors, decay, mold or mildew.
    • More economical than disposable single-use heat packs.
    • Designed for Back/Hip/Abdomen/Knee/Large Areas 12x16